1863    Richard Carr and his wife Emily Saunders Carr arrive in Victoria.
1871    December 13 Emily Carr is born.
1876    William (Martyn) Paddon is born.
1875     Emily’s brother Richard is born.
1886     Emily’s mother dies. Emily is fifteen.
1888     Emily’s father dies. Emily is seventeen.
1893    Attends the California School of Design in San Francisco.
1899    Emily is twenty-seven. Meets William Mayo Paddon aboard the steamship Willipa, in the  Spring.
Receives the nickname Klee Wyck, “the laughing one,” from the First Nations community
in Ucluelet, British Columbia.
Travels to London to study at the Westminster School of Art.
Emily’s brother Richard dies in California.
1900    Martyn visits London. Emily refuses his numerous proposals of marriage.
1901    Spends the winter in an artists colony in St. Ives, Cornwall.
1903    Suffers a breakdown diagnosed as hysteria. Remains in a sanatorium for eighteen months.
1904    Returns to Canada in June.
1910    Journeys to France to study art. Enters an infirmary for eighteen months.
1911    Released from the infirmary in January.
1913    Suffers a second breakdown. Returns to Victoria, builds Hill House, a four-suite apartment
house on her share of her family’s estate and becomes a landlord.
1919    Sisters Edith and Clara die.
1927    Meets members of the Canadian ‘Group of Seven’.
1930    Exhibits with the ‘Group of Seven’. Meets Georgia O’Keeffe.
1933     Purchases ‘the Elephant’.Becomes an honorary member of the ‘Group of Seven’.
1936    Sister Lizzie dies.
1937    Suffers first heart attack.
1939    Suffers second heart attack.
1942    Suffers third heart attack.
1944    Receives last Christmas love-letter from Martyn.
1945    Emily dies in March, age seventy-four. Survived by sister Alice.
1972    William (Martyn) Paddon dies in California, age ninety-six.

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